6 tips for 2018

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Can you already believe its that time of year again? You know, that time of year when everyone is like: “okay I’m really going to get my life together this year.” Yes, it’s that time! We’ve all have had that point in our lives when we set those unrealistic goals but a few weeks after setting those goals we stray back towards our old habits after only TWO weeks! Well this year we are going to change our mindset about how we approach our new years resolutions. In this post, I’ll be sharing 6 fit tips to take with you into 2018! 6 fit tips that will give you a positive perspective when planning your new years resolutions.

Be Positive

We’ve all heard the saying that being positive goes a long way! It’s true. Having a positive outlook on life can truly help you succeed. Having a positive mindset can provide us with better psychological and physical well-being. It can even lower your depression and distress.


NO goal in life is met without consistency. With health and fitness the only way you will truly succeed is by staying consistent. If you say you’re going to workout everyday at 5:30am, then do it! If staying consistent means gradually incorporating a new routine in your life then so be it. Create small habits, set realistic & short term goals, and believe in yourself.


Did you know that the human body is primarily made of 60% water? If you didn’t well look at that, you learn something new everyday! Due to our body being primarily water, many of our daily activities are using the water that is stored in our bodies. Not sure if you’re hydrated? Check your urine color. If you see that your urine is consistently light yellow to clear then you’re hydrated. If it appears mild yellow to dark yellow, hydrate yourself.

Find your niche

After being an athlete for the majority of my life, I knew that running and cardio was what my body needed to maintain a physique that I would enjoy. Find your niche and see what works for you. No body is built alike.

Create your schedule

By creating a schedule, you have no room for excuses. None of that “oh no I can’t fit a workout into my schedule today.” If it’s already pre-planned there should be no reason why it is not getting done.

Realistic Expectations

Set realistic short term goals that are attainable. There’s nothing like being disappointed in yourself for not losing those 50 pounds in a month like you had planned. Instead, maybe break that 50 pounds down into a 5 month time frame, losing 10 pounds each month.



  1. These are some really great tips. I love the fact that you included that every body is not built alike. That statement can really help someone who is having body issues or trying to have the body of someone else. I did not know the color of your urine could tell you how hydrated you are. From reading this I need to drink more water.

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  2. I am still working on my consistency and finding my niche, but the other tip I have under control. lol Love the tips. This is great tips for anyone, whether they have it together or not. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love these tips. Especially the be positive & consistency. I tell people it’s mind over matter more than they think. Also staying hydrated does wonder. Increasing your water intake alone can help you drop weight, add a glow to your skin, and improve the health of your hair. Love this information. Thank You!

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