How to stay hydratedAre you having trouble staying hydrated? Then you’ve came to the right blog to get tips that could improve your hydration levels.

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I can’t even explain how people I know in my life that don’t drink water. It’s actually really sad considering that 64% of body is made up of water. If you’ve come here not knowing where to start, all you have to do is start taking the baby steps to increasing your water intake everyday. If you don’t drink water at all start by easing your way into it. Ask yourself could you drink 8oz a day or maybe even 16oz?


I can’t explain how many people I’ve heard say they don’t like the way water taste. Try spicing it up! Infuse your water with fruits, and vegetables it really does make it delicious. My favorite is probably the regular lemon water and chia seeds. Not only does it taste good, the majority of fruit infused water provide health benefits.


If you’re having trouble drinking water, 9/10 you are also drinking things that are dehydrating you even more. Whether you recognize it or not, drinks like coffee, tea and energy drinks are sucking away your hydration away. Also keep in mind that because caffeine is a diuretic it is causing your body to release water.


Just in case you forget and find yourself getting off track, take slow sips of water every 15-20 minutes. Once you create this healthy habit, it’s something that will stick with you everyday.


If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends, family & of course all the athletes out there who may struggle with drinking water. Thanks for reading, until then I will see you next Monday.  



  1. I struggle with drinking water! It’s not even like I drink other things, i really just never seem to be thirsty. I’ve gotten a bit better but only because I’ve been adding in lemon and basil! Great tips!

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  2. These tips are great! Water is a critical component to life and I’m glad you are breaking this down. I know one person who never drinks water and they need to read this article.

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  3. I have a hard time drinking water and find that if I add some sort of lemon or lime to it then it helps me to drink more of it. I have all infused my water in the summer with strawberry and mint leaves and that is also refreshing. I may take your tip with me to drink small sips frequently as that may help me intake more water in small increments. Thanks for sharing!

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