Tips to save blog thumbnailAre you a struggling college student who’s trying to balance life on a budget?  I know the feeling all too well, that was just me a year ago. I feel like college brings you to an all-time low that you didn’t even know existed until it happened. Since I’ve been through those experiences, I’d love to share my thoughts with you on how you can save your hard-earned coin.

grocery banner

Tip #1: Look for discounts 

Check for a student discount at your surrounding grocery stores- most groceries surrounding colleges and universities provide students with discounts on a specific day (usually 10%).

Tip #2: SALES

Always look for SALES! 9/10 some form of groceries you eat will have a sale. I know this may sound a little old fashion but you know those ads you get in the newspaper and in the mail? Check them out, you can always find coupons and amazing deals!

Tip #3: Only purchase what you need

Before heading to the grocery store, make sure you’ve written a list of all the items you need. It is easy to overspend when you go into the store purchasing items you thought you needed when in reality you don’t need them.

Tip #4: Buy in bulk

I wish I had of came across this tip when I was in college! If you have stores like Costco or Sams Club in your area, look into the most affordable membership. Buying groceries in bulk can save you trips to the grocery store (I’m notorious for going 4-5 a week) and help bring down the cost of products that are frequently consumed such as rice, oats, nuts etc.

Each of these tips I learned through my time as an undergraduate student. Whether you live in the dorms or even have a house off of campus one of these tips could be beneficial to you. I hope after reading these, you are able to incorporate them into your daily life. Until next time…



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